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A few weeks after I released Seraphina’s Lament, I got a notification on Twitter. Someone tagged me in a post. I went to click on it, and it was the most gorgeous artwork I’d ever seen. I was amazed. I literally dropped my phone on the ground and started crying.

The thing about fan art, is that it’s the highest compliment an author can receive. I firmly believe that. I never quite understood how moving it would be to see fan art until I started getting some. It’s really quite a thing to know that something I wrote was vivid enough in a reader’s mind to create artwork from it. And it’s also really neat to see how what I wrote is visualized by someone else.

Now, to be clear, as far as I know, I only have this one fan artist and that is okay with. me. I’m less here to brag about LOOK AT MY FAN ART, and more to throw some light in this person’s direction. They are an absolutely incredible artist. Each time a bit of new artwork drops, I am moved to tears. The character sketches are just beyond anything I could ever imagine and I think it’s damn near criminal that this artist isn’t better known.

I am not the only artist who has benefitted from the artist’s incredible talent, but I will highlight the character sketches from my books, both Seraphina’s Lament and Of Honey and Wildfires, because they are just so worthy of being admired by more than just me. Every time I get a new twitter notification that I’ve been tagged in a post by them, my heart beats double-time.

With that in mind, I’m going to post the pictures that this person has drawn of characters in my books, and I’m going to put in really big letters, PLEASE GO GIVE THIS ARTIST SOME LOVE BECAUSE THEY ARE RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED AND DESERVE ALL YOUR EYES ON THEM.

From left to right:
Mouse and Taub, Neryan, and Seraphina

Vadden on the left, Eyad on the right.

Cassandra on the left.
The picture on the right has all the main characters in it. Cassandra in front. Ianthe on the right. Arlen on the left. Christopher at the back, wearing his hat, standing behind prison bars. The rope tying them all together.


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