My winnings

I wrote in a previous entry about how I won a contest recently (my very first, even). Well, my winnings have arrived! I know this will only excite me, but regardless, I will regale my 3 readers with new prizes.

So, I ghetto-smudged my last name out of the picture but other than that, that’s my letter, bookmark and autograph from Ms. Janny Wurts herself.

Today, when I got home from work, my second prize had arrived in the mail, which is a copy of “Curse of the Mistwraith” sent directly from her publisher with a congratulatory letter and all that.

I must say (as if any authors actually read this blog), that authors don’t realize how cool stuff like that is to their fans. I know most authors have a ton of fans but the ones who actually take the time to email me back when I write them, or take time to do cool contests for their fans really impress me. This isn’t my first good experience with Janny. She took the time to answer one of my questions about her “Curse of the Mistwraith” book a while ago. She didn’t just answer it. She wrote about a two page diatribe detailing her answer. I was really impressed!

I’ve had good luck with a few other authors, as well. Peter V. Brett gave me a very well thought out, very considerate answer to one of my questions regarding “The Warded Man” and Patrick Rothfuss has recently emailed me about something as well.

I know these authors have massive fan-bases and I know they can’t take the time to write every one of their fans back but the ones that do take time to talk to their fans, to interact with their readers are the authors who make a real impression on me. Yes, I know I’m a complete geek, but I enjoy knowing that the authors I appreciate, appreciate their readers as well.

Anyway, to sum it up, I won my first contest, and now have my first autographed stuff. Yay me!


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