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I’ve seen a few other blogs do this “around the web” thing and I enjoy it because it seems to streamline my browsing experience (while allowing me to delay getting actual work done a little longer).

Free Books/Excerpts/Giveaways:

1. Over on DaveBrendon’s Weblog you can read an excerpt of “I am Number Four” by Pittacus Lore.
2. Fantasy Book Critic is giving away a copy of Clockwork Phoenix.
3. Walker of Worlds has a link to a free version of “The Choir Boats” by Daniel A. Rabuzzi.

New Releases:

1. Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist has listed the NY Times Bestsellers list.
2. Genre Reader has a list of New Releases for the week of July 20.
3. The Wertzone announces a new Avatar: Legend of Korra show on Nickelodeon.
4. For those of us breathlessly anticipating “The Game of Thrones” HBO show, The Wertzone has also been kind enough to list all of the supporting actors that have been announced recently here and here. Also be sure to browse through his blog because there are a lot of other posts about this show, as well.
5. A Dribble of Ink shows the new cover art for Joe Abercrombie’s upcoming book “The Heroes” and the limited edition cover of “Kraken” by China Mieville.
6. AngryRobotBooks has revealed the new coverart for “Harbinger of the Storm.” It’s pretty cool.

Noteworthy Posts:

1. Floor to Ceiling Books exams whether Bella’s relationship with Edward is dysfunctional or not.
2. Seems like a lot of the news is about ComicCon this week. Schedules are appearing everywhere. Orbits has released the schedules of their authors. I never thought I’d say this but holy crap I wish I could go!
3. Is an e-reader right for you?
4. Fantasy Literature has done their World Wide Wednesday. Some good stuff on there…
5. King of the Nerds posted his June Reading along with reviews.

Author Stuff:

1. N.K. Jemisin talks about what she’s reading here
2. G.R.R.M is working on A Dance With Dragons, which gives me hope.
3. Kate Elliott answers a reader question about characters.
4. Lynn Flewelling talks about her ComicCon schedule.
5. Naomi Novik is having a Temeraire Fanart Contest. Read about it here.
6. Michael Stackpole is doing a writing seminar in Austin, TX next week. You lucky Texans, you.
7. Robin Hobb confirms another Rain Wilds book is in the making.
8. Brandon Sanderson has a lot going on so go read his blog.
9. Patrick Rothfuss is talking about ComicCon.
10. So is Brent Weeks.
11. Carol Berg’s “The Soul Mirror” is in revision.
12. R. Scott Bakker’s blog is always an adventure. Go check it out. Three Pound Brain.
13. J.V. Jones is having a contest. Read about it here.

I think that about does it for now. If I missed something important (which I probably did), let me know and I’ll update my list.

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  • Tia Nevitt

    I need to do more of these kinds of posts. In the blogosphere, what goes around really does come back around. Nice round-up. Thanks for visiting my blog!


    You are most welcome. Your blog is a "must read" for me. I love it!

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