Reviewing my first 3 months

I started this blog as a personal experiment of my own. There was really no point besides seeing why I liked/didn’t like the books I read and finding some means to catalogue my insights so I wouldn’t read every book 100 times before I realized I’ve already read it before. 

Well, I’m lying. 

I also started it to see if I could find a small community somewhere (anywhere, really) of people who still read. Is it just me, or does it seem like reading is a lost art? It seems like everyone’s hobbies revolve around things that require batteries and plug into walls these days. What happened to the simple, honest art of picking up a book and absorbing it somehow? 

I get so excited about books (really, it’s crazy) that I felt, for a time, that I had no one to share my excitement with so I decided one day “hey, what the hell… I’ll start a blog and see what happens.” So I did. It’s been really fun for me. I’ve met some incredible people and have been exposed to books I know I would have never, ever heard about if it wasn’t for reviews posted on blogs. 

If you are wondering why I chose the name “Bookworm Blues” for this blog, wonder no more. I feel rather morose that reading seems to be turning into a lost art. It makes me a little blue when I have no one to share my excitement with. 

Today I spent the past 30 minutes or so wandering through the previous months of reviews on here. It’s kind of crazy to see how my reviews have evolved since my very first post on May 4. It’s also crazy to see a history of the stats on my blog. I know I have NOTHING compared to most book-bloggers but I’m not sure I care. I’m pleased with what I have going on and if my audience grows in the future, fantastic. If not, I’m fine with that too. I’ve found what I’ve set out to find (a community of people who haven’t forgotten how to read) and I’m content with that. I’m also quite pleased with how my blog has grown and evolved both in traffic and in the content of my reviews. I’m a newbie still and I realize my reviews are still unprofessional at best compared to most others, but it’s a fun hobby for me and a great way to express the excitement no one in my non-virtual life seems to understand (or care much about). 

I guess, in a roundabout way, I’m saying thanks to the people who have wandered on over here. It’s kind of cool to look at the stats maps and see how many countries have visited my blog. 

That puts people in the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia, Denmark, Israel, Russia, South Africa and the Ukraine. Very cool. This puts my first 3 months traffic at over 700 hits. Not a ton, I’m sure, but I’m incredibly impressed. It’s kind of shocking to think that there was enough interesting here on Bookworm Blues to find 700+ hits. 

I’ve also seen some traffic from author websites pop through my blog, which is also very cool. I think the most unique search term I’ve seen from google that somehow (I’m still trying to figure this one out) led people to my blog is“tennessee antiquarian book fair.” Go ahead and explain that one to me. I dare you.

Two blogs who have sent the most traffic my direction have also turned into favorites of mine. I go to each of them religiously, daily. They are Speculative Book Review and Fantasy Book Critic. It’s kind of cool for me to see my blog linked on other places online, especially places as well known and respected among fantasy/sci fi reviewers as those two blogs. Twitter has also turned into a major source of traffic for me. I’ve always avoided twitter before, but I’ve started really enjoying it.

So far my review that has generated the most traffic is The Folding Knife by K.J Parker. It’s well deserving of the traffic. That book surprised me with the intensity of the sudden devotion it sparked in me toward K.J. Parker (whoever that may be).

There you go, an overview of my first three months and a thank you to all those who have warmly welcomed me onto the blog-o-sphere for book addicts. Also a thanks to everyone who has proven me wrong. I am NOT the only person alive who still reads and finds an absurd level of excitement with books. It’s been a really, really fun first three months and I’m excited to see the growth and changes waiting for me and my little corner of the interwebs in the future.

Read on, my friends… read on.

P.S. One of my primary goals with this blog is to not wax personal or philosophical. I am firmly devoted to keeping this 100% geared toward the foundational reason I created it: fantasy (and a smattering of sci fi) literature. That being said, posts such as this one will happen infrequently, if they happen at all in the future. 

P.P.S. My review of Devices and Desires by K.J. Parker will be posted in roughly 1-2 days time. 

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  • PeterWilliam

    Congratulations on a nice blog, Sarah.

  • Sarah


  • Reese M.

    You are not alone, Sarah! Take heart, this is coming from a woman who got positively giddy at the thought of an app for Barnes & Noble (the store and the nook). I'm not joking…I think I actually jumped up and down like a three year old.

    Us bookworms are a sturdy lot. And there are a lot more of us out there than you realize. Just look at all that activity on twitter over the weekend. I could barely keep up! Your blog is lovely, and I'm so glad to have met you!

    Read on indeed! 😉

  • ediFanoB

    Hi Sarah,
    I started my blog in April 2010. That means just one more month. Of course our blogs are different compared to the "big" ones. Due to my job I can't post as regularly as I would like. But I'm happy with what I'm doing.
    And I have to say thank you for all your visits to my blog. From now on I will visit your blog regularly.

    Maybe we can do some things together in future (like cross posts, combined reviews, …).
    Just let me know in case you are interested in. You find my mail address at my blogger profile.

    Continue your good work and ENJOY READING!

  • Stefan Fergus

    I noticed the map from Feedburner – don't believe it! It MISSES lots of hits. The best way to track is the 3D Map gadget thing – it tracks in real time, and the other day, Feedburner missed 270 views/reads/hits/whatever they're now called.

    Oh, and I like your blog.

  • Anonymous

    Hi! Just to add to your list, I'm from Singapore and I've been following your blog! 🙂 Keep the briliant reviews coming!


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