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Before I start this weeks Around the Web I need to make a confession. In a previous post (here) I talked about how, if I really REALLY like a book I have problems making myself finish it. Well, it seems like I’ve fallen into that rut before. K.J. Parker is taking over my life. I usually read three – four books at a time, but Devices and Desires has stopped that and turned into the only thing I have been reading. Now, I’m nearing the end and I can hardly keep myself reading it. Isn’t that terrible? I just dont want it to end, at all. 

Now that I’ve admitted that ridiculous bit of news, I’ll probably finish it tonight, hug the book and cry a little because its over (yes, I am exaggerating). You’ll get your review tomorrow, at which point I’ll pick up The Dwarves and Tuck and finish those two as well as start on Curse of the Mistwraith (my autographed copy, even!) So I guess what I’m saying in a roundabout way is, I’m sorry my reviews have been slow going this week. It’s my fault for having some sort of personal issue which requires me to undergo some form of counseling to get me to finish books I really, really enjoy. 

And, on to my Around the Web for this week (the feature where I try to search the web so you don’t have to): 

Free Books, Contests & Excerpts 

1. A Dribble of Ink has details on how you can read some of The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson for free
2. DaveBrendon is still plugging through portions of I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. This link is to the most recent excerpt, but if you are interested you might want to find the first one he posted and work your way up so as not to get confused with the story.
3. Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is giving away 3 autographed copies of Brandon Sanderson’s Way of Kings.  
4. He’s also giving away (as well as posting an excerpt of Imagers Intrigue by L.E. Modesitt Jr. 

Noteworthy Posts & News

1. Some new cover art for Robin Hobb has been released. No one seems to like it. Personally, I think it belongs on some coming-of-age in the 1800’s female type novel rather than Robin Hobb’s stuff, but what do I know? Look at it here and here
2. A Fantasy Reader has a list of August releases. It’s a big month, I’m excited. 
3. Fantasy Cafe and Adventures in Reading have both linked to a great Elizabeth Bear interview on 
4. Fantasy Book Critic had the author Greg Hamerton post. Go read it here
5. They were also kind enough to post an August spotlight of books here
6. Fantasy Literature’s World Wide Wednesday is here
7. Floor to Ceiling Books, a blog that is always a joy to visits, does a July recap full of links to interesting reviews, articles and etc here
8. Over at OF Blog of the Fallen, a Sadistic Reading Challenge has been leveled. 
9. Speculative Book Review has a guest blogger as well, John Ottinger III. Check it out here.  

Author Stuff 

1. Go find out your kind of magic on Brent Weeks website
2. Kate Elliott is going to AussieCon.
3. GRRM has been posting more and more blog entries regarding his Dance with Dragons progress
4. Lynn Flewelling doesn’t like a book she’s reading at the moment. Don’t ask me why I put this here. I guess I think it’s mildly humorous.  
5. Jennifer Fallon wants Facebook friends
6. Chris Evans posted news (and cover art) for The Light of Burning Shadows here
7. Brandon Sanderson has posted tons of etc regarding The Way of Kings here
8. Sarah Monette broke her ankle
9. Brent Weeks showed the cover art for the Spanish edition of The Way of Shadows
10. Patrick Rothfuss is talking about lesbian unicorns here
11. Michael Stackpole is talking about his GenCon schedule here.
12. Neil Gaiman is in Australia.  
13. Peter V. Brett is a Functional Nerd

And I think that’s it for now, kids. As usual, let me know if I missed something important. 

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  • PeterWilliam

    I recently read, in record time, the entire Engineer trilogy. You are definitely in a fun place.

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