Today you can find me (twice) over on SF Signal

A few things are going on today: 

1. My (very late) installment of Special Needs in Strange Worlds is posted. I am (desperately) trying (and failing) to start a discussion… so go participate or something.

2. You can find me over on the SF Signal Podcast. My mic was cutting out, but you can hear me talk about my favorite books located in a winter wonder land.

3. I forgot to write a review last night, so I’ll do that when I get off work today. Expect that in a few hours.

And that’s about all I have going on right now! Enjoy!


2 Responses

  • It was a fun podcast, even with the mic issues.

  • Liam

    I dunno if I’ve recommended it to you before, but as per the winter wonderland stuff, Winter Be My Shield by Jo Spurrier is fantastic.

    I know you’re a fan of the Godless World trilogy so hopefully you bigged them up 😛 Will listen when I get home.

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