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I have a pretty severe joint disorder which has caused me no end of misery (because it hurts and it is very inconvenient) most of my life. That’s why I’ve had most of my surgeries – to fix the things (joints) that don’t work due to this disorder. I have severely limited mobility, and my activity is incredibly restricted as well. The most fun┬ápart of this disorder is that when my joints blow (quite frequently), they blow big. Physical therapy doesn’t work for me – it makes my condition worse, so when my joints blow, I end up in surgery almost instantly. That’s all that works, and even then it usually just buys me a few years (if I’m lucky). And anything can cause my joints to blow. I never know when the next blow out will come, or which part of me will suffer from it.

Long story short, I went to the doctor today. An hour later I left with a surgery date of September 22. This will be the fifth (5th) surgery on my right shoulder. Eleventh (11th) surgery total. They are going to cut my shoulder open, take it all apart, take some stuff out and replace them with cadaver parts in the hopes that those parts will work better than the parts I was born with. My doctor says that, if this works the way he hopes it does, it could buy me five years without needing another surgery on this shoulder. They’ll trim some things, clean some things, shave and shape my bones, and add parts from dead people. Coming at this huge surgery in my near future after just coming out of a hellish cancer treatment is sending me through a loop. There is a lot (tons) I have to prepare for, and I have about a month to do it.

I will also have a six week recovery time where I’ll be unable to do much of anything. Shoulder surgeries are horrible. Way more painful than my spine fusion was, and this one, according to my doctor, will be more painful than my others. Yippee. It’ll take a long time to recover.

So I need help.

I’m going to get some voice-to-text programs and try them out, see if I can get some reviews written that way, but that’s six weeks were I’ll be pretty useless and I’ll need help keeping my website, my labor of love, alive. I know I could just wait and trust that you, my fair readers, will be there when I get back, but I don’t want to. This genre is constantly evolving, and I don’t want my website (which is so very important to me) to suffer because I’m broken. I’ve worked hard to make it what it is. I don’t want to put that on pause.

Here’s where YOU come in.

If you’re feeling sorry for me, and you’d be interested in guest reviewing a book during my six weeks where I’m laid up – review to be published here, please contact me. If you’re interested in writing a guest post, contact me. I’m hoping to get some reviews written and saved up before my surgery, but six weeks is a lot of time, and that’s a lot of days I’ll need fantastic people like YOU to help me out.

While I have most of my Special Needs in Strange Worlds stuff planned out, I really am looking for people to offer stuff up there, as well.

Are you game? If so, please contact me.

Sarah (at) bookwormblues (dot) net


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