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So… this is surgery week. I’m thrilled (/sarcasm font). I just spent about two hours lining up posts for the first two weeks during/after the operation. Here’s what you can expect to see on Bookworm Blues. I tried to fill all the weekday slots and left the weekends open, but I probably screwed up somewhere.

Anyway, check back here for these fantastic posts and thanks for all of your support and help during this chaotic time. For those of you who are wondering, yes, I’m still accepting guest posts and guest reviews. The more, the better. It’ll give me more time to just recover, and less time to have to actually THINK, which is hard to do after surgery. Also, my email has been kind of wonky. If you’ve sent me a post/review and I lost it (my email has been hiccuping a lot), then please remind me or resend it.

Here’s what is coming down the pipe! Feel free to tweet these links when they post. I’ll probably be too medicated to remember to promote these posts the way they deserve.

9/22 – Carol Berg on Writing Evil
9/23 – Alyx Dellamonica reviewing The Golden Princess by S.M. Sterling
9/24 – Steve Long reviewing Age of Iron by Angus Watson
9/25 – Susan Klaus on One Star Amazon Ratings and Reviews
9/26 – Joao Eira reviewing City of Stairs by Robert Bennett
9/29 – Giveaway of Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth
9/30 – Brian Staveley on Fractal Conflict in Storytelling
10/1 – Patrick Swenson on The Positives and Negatives of Negative Reviews
10/2 – The Free by Brian Ruckley reviewed by Ria Bridges
10/3 – Artful by Peter David reviewed by GR Matthews
10/6 – Jaime Lee Moyer on A Year Isn’t Too Long
10/7 – Anton Strout onĀ 
Methods of Artistic Expression, or Exploring Your Core


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