A Note for Publishers/Authors/Those who care | No More Netgalley

The title says it all. If you’re a publisher or an author who likes to send me Netgalley links, I won’t be using them anymore. Due to unending account issues, and my absolute frustration, I’m done with that system. I’m not going to be making new accounts, because it’ll just keep happening. I’m not willing to tinker with things – I’ve already done that. I’m done. Finished. It’s over. It was fun while it lasted but, all things must end.

So, no more Netgalley for Bookworm Blues.

I will still accept .mobi files, but you’ll have to actually send me the file because – no more Netgalley. As always, I will also be thrilled to get books in the mail.

There you go, folks. If you care, then make note.

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  • Yeah, I never had good luck with Netgalley. I’m sorry its only gotten worse, not better.

    • It’s kind of a replay of what took about six months to fix a year or two ago….. It’s just frustrating that every time they fix their system, my account pays for it. Oh well!

  • I wish I could leave NetGalley behind, I really do. It’s been mostly okay for me, and I haven’t had the problems that many like yourself have reported, but there are some drawbacks that I’m really getting sick of. The biggest one being that 95% of the time, unless you download a Kindle copy, you’re on a time limit for whatever file you get. Which may not be that big a deal, but I prefer my reading schedule to be a little more flexible than, “I absolutely have to read this book by [date] because otherwise I won’t get to read it at all.” That’s more the fault of the DRM on the file than NetGalley itself, admittedly, but it’s still a limitation I’d really rather I didn’t have.

    I tried to break away from it a while ago but kept going back when some publishers said they only gave out ebooks via NetGalley. It’s that or nothing, and it’s still really the primary way I get review copies.

    (I could do without review copies, admittedly, since it’s not like they’re some absolute requirement for book reviews, but I really do like being able to drum up a little hype for good books BEFORE all the rest of the hype has entirely died down…)

    • I’m going to miss Netgalley, but in reality, most of the books that are on there are sent to me in the mail anyway. Plus, it’s giving me more time/inclination to focus on the (up to) 20 books I get in the mail each week. My to-be-read pile is getting smaller. Now, if they fixed their issues, I’d probably use it again…. but I’m not holding my breath.

  • julia

    Just a word to remind publishers that I definitely buy books because of Bookworm Blues reviews, and I am a serious book buyer. So figure out your NetGalley thing, whatever that is, you publishers!

    • Julia, I just have to say, your comment warmed my heart. That means so much to me!!!

  • Cheryl

    What Julia said! ^^

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