The Self-Published Blogger Challenge

First things first, it’s not me hosting this. It’s author Mark Lawrence.

This weekend, Mark contacted me and bounced his idea off of me regarding this self-published author/blogger challenge. We toyed with it back and forth a bit, and he, of course, perfected it. I volunteered right off the bat because it sounded like an amazing opportunity. In reality, I really want to read more self-published books, but it’s hard with all the books I get, unless I set specific time aside to read self-published books and make room for them.

Which is exactly what this project is going to do for me. I will get to read self-published books. I will get to give deserving authors some much needed attention, all attached to the powerhouse name Mark Lawrence. That’s exactly what I like to do. It’s why I keep this website working. It’s a win/win in a lot of respects.

This is definitely a project people should pay attention to.

Right now, Mark has received 165 books. He’s going to close off submissions on March 6. To read more about this project, click here. To read more about submissions, click here.

Self-published authors, in a lot of ways, face an uphill battle. I think Mark’s project is a valiant one, and I sincerely hope it will help those who have worked so hard and have submitted their works.

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  • I’m really looking forward to this project too. Honestly, I was looking forward to it even before my name got picked from the ranks to be a part of it; my experience with self-published novels is that there are indeed some diamonds in the rough but it’s so hit-or-miss that I don’t find myself that inclined to take chances with them, so I would have been interested to see what everyone else would say about the novels they were reading as part of it. Then I checked Lawrence’s blog a day after submitting my name for consideration and oh, hot damn, somehow I made the cut!

    So yes, not only am I now interested in seeing what everyone else on the team thinks of what they get assigned, but I’m also immensely interested in seeing what gems I may come across in my batch and give them the attention they deserve!

  • NIce post – I’m looking forward to this too. It’s going to be very interesting and it’s just a great idea.
    Lynn 😀

  • Felix Hartmann

    Thank you so much for doing this! Mark really has a way of building a strong writing community. I am very excited that you chose my novel Dark Age to be among your top 25, and I cannot wait to hear your feedback! If you need any format updates or anything, please reach out.
    Felix Hartmann

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