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My c-section is scheduled, and I’m pretty miserable in the meantime. I have 8 weeks to set up her bedroom and get all the stuff ready that I need to get ready – we are like 1.5% prepared right now. Eight weeks seems like a lot until you’re pregnant. Eight weeks will fly by, and I’m starting to panic because there is so much I need to get done in such a short time.

I’m having a c-section (as mentioned above), which will put me out of the loop for a while during recovery. One of the reasons my website has been so quiet recently is because I’m preparing for said c-section and downtime by reading all the August/September released books that I can now, and prewriting and scheduling their reviews to release close to the books release dates so at least I’ll have something going up while I’m down. Things right now have been slow to compensate for my August/September planning.

I’m trying. I’m trying very, very hard.

However, it won’t be enough.

If anyone is interested in writing guest posts, or guest reviews to drop on my website during the months of August and September, then by all means, please contact me. It would be a huge help by giving me one less thing to worry about while I’m adjusting to having a newborn in the house again. The only thing I won’t be doing during August or September are giveaways, because I will probably be too sleep deprived to remember how they work, who won and all that jazz.

Now, I’m also failing at running Special Needs in Strange Worlds this year. I am just absolutely swamped by life, and I need help there, too. I need guest posts. I need some ASAP (my last one drops next week) and I will absolutely need some to drop after the baby arrives. I can promise you I won’t be up to the task of collecting posts and bothering authors for quite some time post-baby. I don’t want my column to shrivel up and die, but unless I get help, then that’s exactly where it’s going. I’m just too busy right now to keep up with it. I really don’t want it to die, but at this rate it might need to until I get my life under a bit more control. However, if I can get volunteers for posts, then I won’t have to worry about it. My column can keep going.

So yes, I need help. If either of those options above look interesting to you, please feel free to contact me at Sarah (at) bookwormblues (dot) net. Be patient with my email response. I’ve been pretty lax recently, but mostly because I’ve been so incredibly busy I haven’t had the time to spend on email that I usually do.

Thanks in advance!!

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  • I had one vaginal birth and one c-section, and for me the physical recovery from the c-section was easier because I didn’t have that exhausting multi-day labor. So just do what you need to take care of yourself and don’t worry too much about that part.

    That said, you are absolutely correct to plan to be out of the loop for a while. Having a baby is pretty all-consuming and wrecks most new parents’ sleep schedules. I will send you an email, and would probably be up for doing some sort of guest post in Aug/Sept.

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