#SPFBO – Self Published Fantasy Blog Off UPDATE

I’ve been quiet recently.

Very quiet on all fronts.

Health has been tricky, and I’m in that last part of pregnancy that makes me want to just about burn everything in spitting distance with lasers that come out of my eyes.

COME ON OUT, BABY. It’s been fun, but I’m seriously sick of this fight we’re having over space. THERE IS MORE SPACE OUT HERE THAN IN THERE!

I was having some pre-term labor issues that kept me occupied both mentally and physically. Now that I’m out of that part of pregnancy she’s staying put. Why is that?? (If she showed up today that would be FANTASTIC).

Anyway, it’s been quiet due to hospitals and doctors and health worries that have kept me busy. Now I’m on maternity leave, waiting for the gestating human to decide it is time to make her grand entrance, and I’m starting to realize just how far behind on everything I’ve fallen. Especially this SPFBO project. At first I was going to see if some of the other people on this project could help me read some stuff so I could get it out of the way quickly. Then, on Friday night last week, I was looking through everything, seeing how I would divvy up books and I realized that I’ve pretty much read just about all of them. I just haven’t had the umph (read: energy) to write them up.

Don’t take it personally. I haven’t had much umph to do anything but drool and take 400 naps a day recently.

Therefore, I’m going to start doing that writing-up thing now. I have until, at the latest, August 17 to do this. That’s a week and a half to write all this stuff up, and declare the winner (who I have already chosen, I just need to inform the 4 people who read my website of who that winner is). My kid is napping. I’m kind of feeling partially alive today, so I figured I’d start writing stuff up now.

My goal, should it actually play out like this, is to write three more posts of five mini reviews each, and have them drop tomorrow (Wednesday), Thursday and Friday. Then on Monday, announce my winner. Then I will wash my hands of this project until after I’ve produced my child and gotten used to functioning on about 10 minutes of sleep and adjusted to having two children.

Just reading that makes me break out in a cold sweat. Two kids? What kind of insanity is that?!

That’s my goal. I’ve already pushed all of this week’s posts to next week to make room for all this, and I’ve been quiet for a few days planning things. If, however, something happens (like life) and I don’t get all this written up in time to do what I hope will be done by Monday, please be understanding. I’m kind of feeling like a ticking time bomb right now, and while I hope like hell it goes off soon (because, seriously, this nine months of gestation thing is a freaking joke, people. There has to be a better design out there), I have a feeling this kid is going to stay put as long as possible just because heat waves and being nine months pregnant is freaking awesome.


So that’s where I’m at right now. Sorry for the radio silence, but things have been absolutely nuts with my health recently and it’s all I could take just to keep treading water. Feel free to cast an active labor spell on me. If it works, I’ll mail you some congratulatory jellybeans and I’ll promise to keep your magical prowess a secret so scientists don’t isolate you for study.


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