Special Needs in Strange Worlds

You guys may or may not have noticed that my column over on SF Signal, Special Needs in Strange Worlds has been quiet since June. This year has been really, really hard. I found out I was pregnant. It was a high risk pregnancy, and by the time I made it to the second half of the last trimester, I was barely functioning. I had to ditch pretty much everything but the bare minimum it took to keep this place from biting it. So I put that column on hiatus, and had to quit a bunch of other things so I could grow a healthy human. Then I had said healthy human and expected to relaunch the column in November. As soon as that idea started formulating, I learned I had to spend the entire month of December doing Cancer Crap. (It’s capitalized because it is an event that deserves such treatment.) It’s a mind game going into this, and an energy sucker being here, but I’m almost done and feeling kind of crappy but my spirits are high enough to be planning what’s next.

And what’s next is…. Special Needs in Strange Worlds will relaunch in January. It is OFFICIAL. I have my first few posts, and I have a list of about 12 authors I plan on bugging as soon as I get a minute (which I hoped would be last weekend, but due to a ¬†– surprise – plumbing issue it has to be this weekend). But it will happen. There will be some changes. I will probably have to do this column every other week, rather than every week. If/until, I get my life organized enough to start doing it every week. The real problem is, it takes A TON OF TIME to hunt down guest posts, to bug people and see how it’s going, to remind people, to talk to people. It takes time. And generally right now, if I say that I will email you back tonight, you’ll probably be lucky to get that email¬†within a week. It’s hard having two kids, working, doing Cancer Crap, etc. So it will be every other week instead of every week. If I start getting posts rolling in quite easily, with minimal fuss on my end, then I’ll move it every week (If the Powers That Be on SF Signal don’t mind).

This goes along with my next point. If anyone out there wants to volunteer a guest post for my column, please contact me. Special Needs in Strange Worlds is a column I organize to discuss and highlight the importance of disabilities in the genre. I’m looking for authors and reviewers, specifically. If you have something to say on the topic, please reach out to me. My email address is in the About Me section.

So there you have it folks. Special Needs in Strange Worlds will be back in January, biweekly, but just as awesome. I’m thrilled to bring it back, and I really want to thank everyone who didn’t forget about my column while I’ve been dealing with pure chaos infused life.


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