Obligatory 2016 Hugo Eligibility Post

I am realistic. I know I don’t have a bat’s chance in hell of ever getting shortlisted for the Hugos. Regardless, I figure I have a few things out there that are eligible, so I figured I’d make a list for those who care.

Special Needs in Strange Worlds on SF Signal is eligible as a Related Work. This is my column focusing on disabilities in the genre.

My writing here qualifies me as Best Fan Writer (though it’s just reviews, so not nearly as exciting as the other stuff out there).

Jim C. Hines published a book called Invisible 2, which I have an essay in, where I talk about disabilities in the genre. This book qualifies as well. Clarification: This is not my book, this is Jim C. Hines book, I’m just in it so it’s cool and I’m mentioning it.

And that’s the last you’ll hear of it from me!


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