Again and again…

So here are the details…

Tonight Cora (the baby) spiked a pretty high fever (after five days of being perfectly okay, after finishing her 10 day cycle of antibiotics). I called her on-call pediatrician, who told us to take her to InstaCare and get her urine tested ASAP, in case her UTI didn’t go away completely. If that was the case, they wanted to start her on antibiotics as soon as possible. So my husband took her to InstaCare, and they tested her urine, which came back negative for infection.

Just like last time.

And they sent it off to be analyzed more in depth.

Just like last time. 

They think she has a virus and that this virus should just run its course.

Just like last time (you know, before we ended up in the emergency room because she had a 107 degree temperature.)

I have an appointment with her pediatrician tomorrow, but if you can’t tell (or guess) I’m a MESS. I feel like I’m locked in some cycle of hell right now. I’ve been through cancer treatment three times. I’ve had twelve stupid surgeries, and I have a chronic, degenerative disease, and I have NEVER dealt with anything so difficult emotionally as a sick baby that no one can diagnose or adequately treat.

So, give me some time to deal with this. A few days is all, I hope.

Thank you.

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  • Marla

    What a nightmare! Your family, especially Cora, are in my prayers

  • Colleen Sheehan

    You’ve gone through hell over and over again. I am truly sorry.

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