An Update – Prepare for a ton of pictures

Well, as far as Cora is concerned, she’s fine. Her fever left a few days ago and hasn’t returned. Her urine analysis shows nothing abnormal (We both let out a collective breath of relief when we got the news). I still need to talk to her doctor, but I’m really hoping this means no further testing is needed.

In other news, Cora fell ill right before we were supposed to go on a four day vacation to Southern Utah. We were going to cancel our trip, but Cora’s doctor basically pushed us down I-15. She said we all needed a vacation (we did), and as long as we keep her on her medication, hydrated, and on ibuprofen, she’d be fine.

So we went, and it was AMAZING. I do think we all needed that vacation. I’m also incredibly proud of a lot of the pictures I took, and I personally think they might be some of my best work. This was also my first chance to really get out and see what my new wide angle lens is capable of. It was exactly what I needed. When the going gets rough, I need to go center myself in nature for a while. Photography is akin to meditation for me, I’d say.

And though I live in this state, I’ve forgotten how drop-dead gorgeous Utah really is.

Anyway, here is your photobomb. I’m planning on spending most of Tuesday doing laundry/cleaning/talking to Cora’s doctor. I should have reviews up on Wednesday. It’ll take me days to go through all the photos I took, but this is my first batch.

Click the photos to embiggen. More of my work can be found on my professional photography website (and higher quality) here.


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