Upcoming Reads: A Grand List of Literary Things

I’ve fallen a bit off the wagon since my baby had her kidney issues. It’s been… rough. I’m taking her to the pediatric urologist on Thursday, and I’m already feeling this huge relief with knowing that in a few days I’ll not only have every answer I need, but a game plan, and I’ll know if she’s going to need corrective kidney surgery sooner or later.

There is a huge, huge relief with getting solid answers, folks.

But I’ve been in a bit of a funk due to this whole thing. The constant worry has really weighed me down, and I haven’t really been able to concentrate on any serious books recently. I’ve completely derailed and I’ve started binge reading paranormal romance, which is weird until you consider how therapeutic that mental vacation has been for me, and how nice the happily-ever-after endings have been.

Today I woke up, and I just feel better somehow. Like my mental fog is lifting, and I’m finally ready to really dive back into this website/reading/reviewing stuff. Bonus: I’m finally also really sitting down with myself and ironing out my editing gig. I have a few books lined up already, which is hugely exciting and I’m glad I’m finally getting on my feet enough to really embrace it all. Anyway, today I started organizing my books into a pile of the ARCs I want to read soon. I also started reading The Wall of Storms by Ken Liu (I can’t recommend it highly enough), and god does it feel good to be back into things – to see a pile of books and want to run toward them rather than away. It’s like I’m coming home.

It has kind of amazed me that I’ve had so many health issues, and they’ve all derailed me a bit, but this one with my kid has been the roughest by far. It’s a million times worse when it’s your kid, folks.

Anyway… here is my stack of ARCs that I plan on churning through in quick order, in no particular order (except for The Wall of Storms, which is on top because I’m currently reading it. Also, this is not including eARCS, which I haven’t gone through yet.). Any of these look good to you? Any that I should add to my stack? (Not shown, The Three Body Problem, which I’ve already read but I loved it so much I got the audiobook and I’m looking forward to reading the entire trilogy back to back.)

(Added note: I plan on starting up content on Our Words when my life evens out a bit more… hopefully within the next few weeks, IF anyone cares, which I really, really doubt.)


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  • Paul Weimer

    So, a week’s reading?

  • Robert Bedford

    1) Glad there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for your precious Cora (my wife thinks she is the most photogenic kid on facebook)

    2) That’s a helluva a pile of books, some of which arrived here at Casa de Bedford. However, I’ve only read the Lockwood and Durfee. Durfee’s a good, but super, ultra, mega grimdark…done quite well. Lockwood’s might be the debut of the year, such a wonderful, optimistic, lovely story.

    • 1) Thanks for the compliment!

      2) the Durfee book looks good, but I think I will probably wait on it a little bit. The Lockwood book is one I’ve been sitting on for a while. I think Janny Wurts recommended it to me, and if she recommends anything, I’m there with bells on.

  • micael

    Good to see you getting back in the game and super glad things are finally getting better with your precious little one. This list is amazing. Summer Dragon and Forgetting Moon are probably my next purchases. Arabella of Mars is at the top of my list too, I’m really curious to see what’s gonna come out of that. And some Le Guin too!!

    I must say the three-body problem was probably my favorite read this year, it was amazing. I really hope the rest of the trilogy is as good. I finished The grace of kings two days ago and I can’t wait for the sequel. It’s a heavy read, but Ken Liu is a major talent. His writing is simply beautiful.

  • I think a good half of those books are on my wishlist, and luckily, some of those I have copies of. Now, just need to find the time to read them. (Sadly, Cixin Liu’s books are not ones I have, even though I desperately want to read them after having loved THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM.)

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