Editing: It’s time to jump

I’ve always wanted to be an editor. All this time that I’ve been reviewing books, I’ve been learning. Reading and learning, learning and reading. I’ve been trying my hardest to know this genre inside and out so that someday when I got brave enough I could put everything I’ve learned into good use for others.

Anyway, events have transpired. Basically things culminated and I realized I was at a shit or get off the pot moment. I either had to try this editing thing out, or I had to move on. There was no time left for hemming and hawing and wondering if someday someone would discover my talents and use me the way I wanted to be used. I either had to blaze my own path, or shut up and sit down.

I’ve been spending these past few weeks talking to some professional freelance editors, gaining insights, getting advice from people who work behind the scenes, and setting up my own gig just in case this crazy idea actually pans out. It’s been busy, but I figure if I’m going to do this thing, I need to do it right.

Then, miracle of miracle, I just signed my very first client and not ten minutes later another author hit me up to get rates and details, and I had this incredible moment of, “This might actually work! This dream of mine might pan out!” But the truth is, nothing will ever happen if I don’t take a chance and put myself out there to sink or swim on a moderately public stage.

If you look at the link bar above this post, right below the logo, you’ll see an “Editing Information” tab now. Yes, folks, I am officially open for business. A sad truth is that I’m not a good salesperson. I don’t like standing in front of people and saying, “Look at how wonderful I am.” That makes me uncomfortable in the extreme, so I kept my pitch short and sweet on that little page (and I will inevitably edit and tweak it as I get more familiar with this whole thing). I figured that those who were interested could hit me up and we could talk dirty details in private.

Basically this whole thing can be summed up this way:

1. I have always, always, always wanted to be an editor.
2. I am finally taking a chance, gambling, and reaching for that dream.
3. I am open for business (FYI: I consider myself more of a developmental editor than anything else)
4. I’m incredibly nervous.

Click here for more information!

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  • Best wishes, Sarah!!

  • You’ll be a fantastic editor! Congratulations on making the big jump. Hopefully I’ll be able to wing something your way in the next few months. 😀

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