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The Wheel of Time was one of the first fantasy series that I read, and I loved it. I went to Europe at that time, and I hauled the entire series (I believe it was published up to book nine at that point) in a suitcase with me. Then the next book came out when I was in Germany and I scoured the country for an English copy. It was serious business.

So knowing that, of course I’m jumping on a copy of this coloring book, and the opportunity to give away a copy to one lucky winner.


Patterns of the Wheel

Let the Dragon be drawn again on the winds of time. Patterns of the Wheel is an adult coloring book suitable for all ages featuring original art drawn from The Wheel of Time ®.

Since its debut in 1990, The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan has captivated millions of readers around the globe with its scope, originality, and compelling characters. Over the course of fifteen books and millions of words, the world that Jordan created grew in depth and complexity.

Now for the very first time, fans of this astounding saga can color in the hues and vibrant shades of Robert Jordan’s most beloved fantasy world. Adorn the symbols of the Ajah and the patterns on Gleeman’s Cloak. Experience the peaks of Dragonmount, the depths of the Aryth Ocean, and other parts of the realm. Fill in evocative mandalas, depictions of Old Tongue, and an array of the Wheel of Time’s most well-known symbols and magical items.

Designed by officially-licensed Wheel of Time artist Amy Romanczuk, Patterns of the Wheel features 40 drawings inspired by pysanky, a traditional Ukrainian folkart, to provide hours of delight for The Wheel of Time’s legions of fans.

Giveaway rules:

This is going to be a quick giveaway, so you guys have until midnight, mountain time on Saturday, October 15. One winner will be chosen. Contest open to US residents only. I will email the winner on Sunday, and you will have 48 hours to respond before I select the next winner. To enter, leave a comment under this post.

Good luck!

25 Responses

  • Robert Junker

    I love the Wheel of Time.
    I could use this when I sit down to color with my son.

  • Erin Ellis

    This looks like a fun adult coloring book! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway
    erinloves2run at gmail dot com

  • Chris Zink

    I’m in! Love some coloring and I’ve read the entire series 5 times in addition to re-reading from beginning through the newest release even since The Great Hunt was released.

  • Jazelle Candelaria

    Oh how exciting! Fingers crossed :).

  • Amy Romanczuk

    No need to enter me in the giveaway– I’m the artist. Just want to thank you for promoting the book! If you’re curious about the style in the coloring book (which is folk art based) here’s a link to a a post I did about Pysanky and the hand drawn style of the Patterns of the Wheel Coloring book.

    Thanks again!

  • John Foeller II

    Can’t wait, this will be great for some daddy\daughter coloring time. Hopefully I can even encourage her to start reading the series as well!

  • Melody

    I grew up reading the Wheel of Time, anxiously waiting years between new books. I love that there’s such a fan base around it now. And a coloring book to boot. Sweet!

  • Tammy Balbinot

    Thank you for the chance to win this great looking coloring book! It looks beautiful!.

  • Pragyan Pradhan

    Yes please. 🙂

  • Paul Jackson

    Just in the midst of another re-read of WOT. I’d love this coloring book.

  • Stephanie

    Very cool.

  • Danielle B.

    Oh this coloring book looks gorgeous, it would be a fun win!

  • Dena Chagnon

    This looks really cool! Loved the books and the graphic novels!

  • LeAnn T.

    Oo I would love to have this!

  • Oooooh, pretty! Yes, please.

  • Aaron Ash


  • Donna

    Contest entry

    I would love this art book.
    I can’t wait to see what they do with the upcoming movie.

  • Bobby V. Berry, Jr.

    I’ve been curious about this adult coloring books.

  • Christopher Bartch

    My wife and I absolutely love The Wheel of Time series and she’ll love the coloring book!

  • Adriana

    Yes 🙂

  • John Ord

    Awesome! Wheel of Time is my favorite series!

  • Andi

    Fingers crossed

  • I so love to color! This looks like a great coloring book and I’d love to win!

  • Ruby Glenn

    Thanks for the chance! Love the series and love to color so perfect combination!

  • Sharon

    I’d love to win!

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