SPFBO2 Final Round Details

Yeah, so I’m a little late with this. If you follow the SPFBO at all, then you’ll probably already know who the finalists are, but I’ll put them all here just in case you missed it.

I’m going to do this round the same way I did the finalists last year. I’m going to read each book fully, and give each one a full review and rating. I’m hopefully going to have all this done by the end of January, but I hate setting dates for myself because my health issues so often derail me. So, I’m ballparking the end of January, but if I somehow waver on the date, please don’t hate me.

If things go well, then this group of finalists should be done fairly quickly. We shall see. Winter is a pretty hard season for me health-wise, so there is that to consider, and this year has been royally kicking my butt with all things Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Anyway, to sum it up, I’ll be doing a full review of each of the final books, and you’ll know which ones are part of the SPFBO because I’ll mark them that way in the subject. Then, when they are all said and done, I’ll make a special overview post, with final thoughts, my favorite book out of all the finalists, and all that.

Now, onto the finalists. Click on the covers to link to more information about each book.


I’ve started working my way through these, and I should have my first full length review up next week. I’m going through them in random order, whichever book suits whatever mood I’m in at that moment, so no predictions on which books will be up to bat first.

Thanks for tagging along on this SPFBO journey! I really love doing this, and I’m glad so many people seem to enjoy participating and tagging along with me.

Stay tuned for more soon!


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