#SPFBO 2010 | An Update

So, it’s that time of year again. We’ve got a month left of the SPFBO and my life is insane so I need to write a bit of an update/what to expect post.

The thing is, I didn’t expect my life, editing wise, to be this busy. My business has increased threefold this year. I’ve got a waiting list of books to be edited, and daily queries from authors. It’s WONDERFUL, but when I edit, I have a really hard time keeping this blog updated.

Mixed into this increase in business is the fact that I’ve got a book coming out soon, and getting that ready has also added to my workload.

So we’ve got two things here that add up to me reading a lot before I fall asleep at night, but having almost no time to actually write reviews. Now, to add another cog into my complexity machine, my website was hacked recently, and that took me offline and out of commission for a few weeks while it was sorted out.

The TL/DR version of this is: I’m hella freaking busy, folks, and while I love it, it’s totally impacting my ability to write the reviews I want to write, in the timely manner I want to write them in.

Now, we are in the last month of the first round of this competition, and this weekend I had to have a bit of a talk with myself.

Me: Self, do you *honestly* think you can get the remaining books reviewed before January 1st hits?
Myself: No. Really, no. I’ve got two novels I’m editing for clients right now, and three short stories waiting, plus, I’ve got a deadline of around December 15 to get my own developmental edits back for my book. AND, I’ve got a family and a day job and life and stuff, so no, I can’t.
Me: So what are you going to do about it?
Myself: Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it.

I spent this weekend trying to decide how I’d handle this. You see, I want to review all the books in my batch but I also want to give my finalist time to bask in being a finalist before the news of actually BEING a finalist gets smothered by the holiday season.

Therefore, what I’m going to do is this, and it’s probably going to suck, but here it is. I need to give myself a bit of a break or I’ll burn out/stress myself to death.

On Friday, I am going to announce my finalist.

Then, I will review the remaining books in my group as time allows. My goal was to review all of you before announcing my finalist, but I’m drowning under obligations right now, and it’s just not feasible with my current workload. So, Friday you get my finalist, and then I’ll review the rest of the books in my batch here and there, as I can, when I can.

I’m sorry that I have to do it this way.

So, stay tuned for my finalist on FRIDAY. 


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