What to Consider Before You Hire an Editor

Over the weekend, I taught a class on things to consider before you hire an editor. This is one of my favorite classes to teach. I’ve taught it a few times, and each time people really receive it well, and I really love doing it. There’s always a good amount of conversation and back-and-forth, as well as questions. I just really dig it.

Anyway, I taught this class again a few days ago. I shared my slides the next day with my Facebook writing group, and it was suggested that I put them as a blog post so people can access and see it easier.

Now, the class was an hour long, so there was a lot of elaboration and explanation you won’t get from looking at the slides. As always, your mileage may vary, and there are always exceptions to every “rule” so keep that in mind.

Generally, for this class, I gear it more toward indie authors or people who are looking for an editor before they agent hunt. I usually try to take the questions I get asked the most, and answer them in this lecture.

Note: I had one hell of a time getting these slides big enough without being blurry and weird, and I just gave up, so if you can’t read them well enough, feel free to email me and I’ll shoot you a pdf version.

And… here it is.

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  • Traci

    This is fantastic! Most ppts are a few cryptic words per slide that only make sense in the context of the live presentation, but your slides are super informative on their own and a really great resource for writers.

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