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As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been a bit uh… busy recently. Not only am I working through an incredible stack of editing gigs, but I’m also launching a novella, and writing a novel and another novella and… the list goes on. My sanity is currently in question, but what’s the fun of being sane?

Last week, over on Fantasy Book Critic, the cover art reveal for Oh, That Shotgun Sky dropped. You can go check it out here, and read the first chapter of the book as well.

As always, pre-orders are love, so pre-order the book here.

Now, I want to tell you a bit about this novella.

This is book takes place between Of Honey and Wildfires and Glass Rhapsody (coming soon). Actually, the events that transpire here are RIGHT AFTER the ending of Of Honey and Wildfires, and while this isn’t necessary to read before you read Glass Rhapsody, it will absolutely give you some depth and understanding for what happens in that book. Also, I just really love this novella and I think, if you liked Of Honey and Wildfires, you’ve got a good chance of liking this one as well.

As an added bonus, I’ve talked a bit about my fan artist on this website. As you also probably know, said fan artist has a ridiculous amount of talent. I mean, just oozing it from everywhere. I am beyond pleased to announce that Sen Qin has done some character sketches which will also appear in this novella and I absolutely love them. I’ll show you one here, to sort of get you hungry for more.

I am super excited for you to see the rest of the art that’s in this book. It is absolutely STUNNING. I am honestly blown away by these character sketches.

Now, as for what I’ve got going this year… I have a lot juggling going on right now. I’ve told you about Glass Rhapsody, and I have a novel called Daughter of the Bright Earth coming in the summer, but more on those later. Right now, I want to talk to you a bit about these novellas.

I have three planned novellas right now, each of them taking place in different parts of the world which Of Honey and Wildfires takes place in: Sefate. Oh, That Shotgun Sky is set in the Wild West that I created with Of Honey and Wildfires. Another novella, (working title) called The Roses of Perdition will take place out in the Union, following a story thread that is very subtly woven into Oh, That Shotgun Sky. And Butterfly Falling, which will take place in a completely different part of the world, a jungle empire called Dawnland and will, for now, stand completely apart from the Union/Shine Territory stories.

Each of these novellas will precede a planned novel.


Oh, That Shotgun Sky –> Glass Rhapsody (coming in April…)
Butterfly Falling –> Daughter of the Bright Earth
The Roses of Perdition –> The Reason for Stars

Yeah. A lot going on. I’m having an absolute blast. I’ve started writing Butterfly Falling. I’m expecting to have all three novellas written and released by June. The novels, obviously, will take a bit more time. I’m projecting Glass Rhapsody for late April/early May. I hope Daughter of the Bright Earth will be ready by late summer, and The Reason for Stars, sometime in the winter, but we shall see. I have rough ideas for other books, set in other parts in Sefate as well. Some of these will tie together, some will stand alone…

Anyway, what matters here is the plan for the novellas. Currently, I will be releasing individual novellas as ebooks only. Then, in summer (I’m expecting July), I will have an omnibus release which will be both ebook and paperback, with artwork and a professionally done cover and the whole nine yards.

So, ebooks only, for now. The novellas are both stand alone, and precede upcoming novels. In late summer, you’ll be able to buy a paperback omnibus of all the novellas, though individual releases will be ebooks only.

And uh… yeah it think that’s about it.

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