Brandon Sanderson Book Signing

So, I’m not a big people-person. I usually avoid crowds of people like the plague, so it takes a lot for me to get to go to things like book signings with a “#1 New York Times Best Selling Author.” I did it, though, and I’m glad I did (and thanks to my friend I suckered into going with me or I would have never gone). 
Brandon Sanderson is a Utah resident, which is kind of cool for those of us who live in state. It means he does a lot of crap locally and he’s pretty good at keeping those of us who live around here abreast of his events. Anyway, as most everyone knows, The Way of Kings, Sanderson’s next big projectwas released today. Last night he did a big midnight thing at BYU, but every time I go to BYU I feel part of my soul die so I passed on that one. Today he did another signing at the Barnes and Noble in West Jordan, Utah, which isn’t that far from where I live. That’s where I went. 
I have never been to a signing before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but it was really cool. I really enjoyed listening to Sanderson read some of his own work. He did a question and answer session for quite a while. He talked about how he came up with his various magic systems (how giving them limitations make them interesting like in Mistborn, specific inspirations he used to dream up his Mistborn magic system & how in Elantris he purposefully made his world more interesting than his magic system). How long this Stormlight Archive series is going to be (10 books) and how it differs from his previous series’ (each book will primarily focus on a different character). He discussed how he is a big outliner when he writes and requires planning to write his ideas out properly and how this new series was an idea in the making for about 10 years. He wrote his first draft in 2000-2001. He also touched on the Wheel of Time series a bit and how reading/writing that has helped inspire/influenced his other projects. 
He also had the person there who did all the maps for The Way of Kings. He was autographing his maps. I was bummed that I didn’t get him to sign my maps because they are really incredible and I’m a sucker for maps, but I didn’t get that far.  
I could have waited in line to get the book personalized but I really REALLY suck at lines (to the point where I’m not allowed to wait in check out lines because I get an embarrassing ‘tude) so I got my signed and numbered book and left before I had a chance to actually personally meet him or wait in line any longer than I had to, which is fine by me. I heard everything I needed to hear and was impressed. Plus, there were people in line who had PILES of books they wanted him to personalize and he didn’t have a set time limit per person so people were getting books signed for five minutes and longer before the line moved on. I would have celebrated my 87th birthday at that rate. 
Anyway, it was awesome and I’m really excited I got to go there, listen to him and get this signed book. 

They were giving out these bumperstickers to everyone who was at the book signing. I got a kick out of ’em.