Special Needs in Strange Worlds | Week in Review & Upcoming


This past week was the first week of Special Needs in Strange Worlds, and it was quite an exciting one. I am rather shocked by the wonderful support and massive amount of interest this event has received. These posts have had amazing comments, and started wonderful discussions, which is exactly what I was hoping Special Needs in Strange Worlds would do.

Without further ado, here’s a recap of last week: 

Monday started with a wonderful post by Robert Jackson Bennett on imperfections. It really kicked this event off with a bang.

Tuesday saw Kendra Merritt, who posted about how disabilities can bring depth and realism to speculative fiction.

Wednesday I opened up my giveaway of The Weird (which you can enter until May 31).

Thursday, Carol Berg wowed us all with a post about writing differences.

Friday, Paul Weimer praised Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series.


Up next:

Monday, May 6: Theresa Frohock, author of Miserere: An Autumn Tale

Tuesday, May 7: Dan Goodman, blogger for Literary Musings

Wednesday, May 8: Aidan Moher, editor of A Dribble of Ink

Thursday, May 9: Stina Leicht, author of Of Blood and Honey and And Blue Skies From Pain

Friday, May 10: Erin Hll-Dowdle, a personal friend with a master’s degree in English Lit.


Tentatively,  the following week:

Monday, May 14: Mieneke van der Salm of A Fantastical Librarian

Tuesday, May 15: Bryan Thomas Schmidt, author of The Worker Prince & The Returning, editor of Space Battles

Wednesday, May 16: Niall Alexander of The Speculative Scotsman

Thursday, May 17: Mark Lawrence (he may be pushed back a week, depending on something very cool), author of Prince of Thorns and King of Thorns.

Friday, May 18: Jacob Topp-Mugglestone of Drying Ink


I have some more wonderful posts to put up after this week, but I am still receiving them and ironing out some details. I will be able to post the rest of May’s schedule next weekend.

Keep checking back into Special Needs in Strange Worlds for more wonderful posts!

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