I went. I saw. I hiked. I took pictures. Now I’m back.

Well, after I got my “cancer free” diagnoses, my husband and I decided it was prudent for the sanity of everyone in my house to get the hell out of town, so on a vacation we went.

The thing you should know is that my husband and I are huge travelers. We used to go all over all the time. We were always traveling. Then cancer happened and all that stopped. We haven’t been out of town for about two years now. That’s just hard for someone who travels as much as I usually do. So with that setup you can imagine how excited we were for this vacation.

Yeah, it was just to Southern Utah, but Southern Utah isn’t home, and it’s the off season (which means very few tourists and low prices). While I’m not a huge fan of Utah (I’m not from here), this area does have some beautiful scenery that you just can’t find anywhere else. So, I packed my massive camera kit (it really is huge) and off we went.

We stayed in some podunk down about five miles from the Arizona border, and about 30 minutes outside of Zion National Park. Right after we arrived on Friday night there was a huge record breaking snowstorm down there. While all the snow melted by Saturday afternoon, Saturday morning was absolutely gorgeous – all red cliffs and green trees and snow. Anyway, we spent most of our time exploring Zion National Park and the largest no-kill animal shelter in the country – Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (absolutely amazing, seriously).

To keep from boring you, I’ll just leave you with the few pictures I’ve had time to edit so far, and a promise that regular reviewing starts up tomorrow. You can click on the images to embiggen.

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