You guys, January kicked my ass. I mean it in the most literal sense of the word. This was one of those months where I just hung on and tried to make it through with all my bits and pieces in tact.


First of all, I got the plague. Actually I ended up with bronchitis and a sinus infection. My 17 month old ended up with pneumonia, two ear infections, and about eight (8) teeth coming in at the same time. I haven’t been that sick in YEARS, and the poor kiddo had so much going on… I can’t imagine how she felt. And having to be that sick with a baby who has pneumonia is just about the hardest thing ever.

When that started to clear up, said baby’s lungs started to sound better (yay) but then she started projectile vomiting all over my fantastic house. So back to the doctor we went. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her – she had no fever or chills or anything and it was completely random. They gave her some medication, which helped but didn’t cure anything. We went to the doctor three times about this barfing issue, and finally her pediatrician said if it didn’t clear up, we’d have to get her tested for brain tumors and etc. (Apparently random projectile puking is how babies with tumors in their brains deal with pressure issues caused by said tumors. That was just amazing to hear.)

Are you KIDDING me?

Right about then, I started throwing up, which was also fantastic because throwing up is *so much fun* (/sarcasm font), but it also cleared Cora (the baby) of the brain tumor issue because, as her doctor said, “If one of her points of contact has been sick then it tells me this is a bug, not due to inter cranial pressure.”

There was much relief in the valley. Intermixed in all of this somewhere is the fact that I was supposed to have a surgery to check and see if I have cancer (yeah, that little beast again) on January 10, but I was too sick so the doctor canceled it. It’s been pushed to February 14.



What the hell, January!?

So that was January. I spent last week just breathing out a bunch of pent up tension and making sure my kid is okay. I finally have my voice back and a normal energy level. Six of Cora’s teeth have broken through (she now has all of her top teeth through the gums, and she’s working on the bottom row). Her ears seem to be cleared up and we’ve been projectile vomit free for about a week now.


And since I took a few days to get my head screwed on straight, I feel like I’m actually capable of writing a book review that makes sense. I have a TON of books to catch up on, both for the SPFBO and for review books authors and publishers have sent me. I’m going to try to get through my backlog as fast as I can, but my life is pure chaos, so currently I’m aiming for three reviews a week.

But whatever. January is almost over, and I won’t be sorry to see it gone.

So that’s where I’ve been. I hope your month has been better than mine.

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